Computer Repairs

  • Computer Repairs and Maintainance.
  • Servicing of Computers, Laptops and Desktops.
  • Networking of Computers,
  • Setup of Server Client systems,
  • Backup Systems,
  • Tally Installation for Single and multiple Computers with Common Data Storage
  • Anti-Virus Installation and Cleaning of Infected Systems.
  • Repairs to Macbooks, MacAir, IMacs


Upgrade your computer to support new software and os
  • Motherboard Repairs
  • Change of bad Motherboards with new ones
  • Update Physical RAM Capacity
  • Update or Add Hard disk Capacity for everygrowing data.
  • Laptops
  • Change Laptop Battery
  • Change Laptop Screen LCD / LED
  • Change Laptop Keyboard
  • Change Laptop Body
  • Fabrication of Damaged Laptop
  • Match a new Adaptor / Charger
  • Change the squeeky hinges
    • Or better
  • Change the Whole Laptop...


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